River on Fire

Hailey Starr’s seeks refuge at the Rydell River Resort in the wake of her bitter divorced and the ensuing hatred from her oldest daughter and the confused hurt of her son. While her ex is honeymooning with his new wife Hailey is determined not to care and to recapture some of what she lost over the tumultuous few years leading to the breakdown of their family, in this place that has no distractions other than sun and relaxation. Except for the man who her daughter has decided she’s going to sleep with. Hailey’s only real line of defense is that her daughter’s quarry, Joey Rydell is a decent guy who emphatically turns her daughter down. But he doesn’t turn Hailey down. Flustered and shocked by his interest she also knows it will do nothing but inflame her already rebelling daughter.

Joey Rydell has settled back into River’s End after years away finding himself in the Army. Back now, he runs the Rydell River Resort, and consequently deals often with its guests. Though who catches his eye, isn’t who anyone predicts, including her.

But it all ceases to matter when the entire valley bursts into flames. This hot, dry summer will soon have a mind of its own as a fire bigger than anything anyone has ever seen will soon roar through, destroying everything in its path, calling Joey to duty and bringing an ending to more than just the miles that charred in its wake. Fire brings an end to love and lives and possibly the destiny that has been nurtured and groomed by a family unlike any other. But are they strong enough to survive the gripes of these Armageddon-like flames? What if there is nothing left of the ranch that is the lifeblood of the Rydells, or the Rydells who are the lifeblood of each other and of River’s End?


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