River's Return

Shane Rydell is better fit to ride his Harley than any of his family’s horses. He spent his life trying to find a way to travel between the family he loves and the open road he is pulled towards. He often leaves River’s End, but eventually, he always comes back as he can’t quite sever the connection to a place he doesn’t want to be from, but which, he always seems destined to return to.

Allison Gray has been burned deep enough she will never risk her heart again after a failed marriage that left her devastated. A rare teaching opportunity brings her to the small town of River’s End where she is tapped to expand the curriculum of this rural school district; work that invigorates and inspires her, and helps her forget the devastation in her past.

When Shane Rydell walks in to attend his nephew’s conference, and once again, doesn’t recognizes her, she decides then and there, he will never be a man she can trust or understand. But soon she is routinely drawn to the Rydell River Ranch to do work that only she can provide. This brings her in constant contact with Shane, and she finally begins to know the real man inside the hardened, charming shell Shane projects. But it will not deter her determination that she can never trust him to be part of her life, no matter how much he happens to be in it.


His gaze held hers. “You have a tough code of ethics.”
“And you don’t,” she countered, retaining his full attention. He didn’t turn and leave, but kept staring at her. Her eyes widened slightly until they became huge. Blue rings framed in dark lashes. She wore a subtle, neutral brown and beige eye shadow that just barely enhanced their color. He saw her long, delicate, freckled covered throat vibrate, as if she just swallowed, and he could almost feel her accelerated pulse. He was crowding her, and she didn’t like it; but she’d be damned before allowing him to see her discomfiture.
He finally smiled a crooked grin and said, “No, I don’t. So quit judging me.”
“If I did that, you’d stop coming over here. Did it ever occur to you, that my challenges to your status quo are what you want from me? Your ethics suck. You know it and you seem to like it. That’s what offends me so much. I’m not sure if it’s because you enjoy being so freaking ornery, or you feel the need to rebel against everything and everyone, or if it’s just to shock and outrage me.”
He blinked in surprise. She really never backed down from him. Even when he gave her his most lecherous stare and got right in her space. He could not intimidate her so he finally backed off. He could have sworn he saw her shoulders bend just a smidgeon as if in relief. And she might have been right. When was the last time anyone asked him to account for his actions?

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“Once again, as always another emotional deeply moving journey of two people who at first glance are polar opposites but are in fact two halves of the same whole.”


Goodreads Reviewer

“Love it! This book is so much. It is well written and in such a lovely way. Allison and Shane’s story broke my heart and put it back together again. Shane needs to grow up and Allison needs to live again. Total opposites attract in this book. The series has captured my attention.”


Goodreads Reviewer

“Wow!! What an emotional roller coaster!! Happiness and heartbreak. Loved Shane and Allison’s story and the continuation of Erin’s.”


Goodreads Reviewer


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